The Stories and Comments from the Fans of Dire Straits – Part 2

The Stories and Comments from the Fans of Dire Straits – Part 2

The Stories and Comments from the Fans of Dire Straits – Part 2On Every Street

In March 2020, we started with writing a new blog post series about the stories and comments from our fans. Most of those comments are from our Facebook fans who are commented on our posts on the fan page.

Today, we would want to share a couple more interesting comments. This is the second part of this blog post collection. Each comment is dedicated to one of the Dire Straits’ songs.

Enjoy reading, and also don’t forget to comment on something if you have maybe an interesting story for sharing with us. We are open to any collaboration and support of musicians. We are the Dire Straits community! Click here so how you can read the first part of this blog post collection.

James Croshaw for the song “Tunnel of Love,” has commented:

“One of my favorite songs of all time performed very well, love it. It was great to learn the real meaning and history behind the song when Mark Knopfler appeared on Brian Johnson’s show recently, A Life on the Road.”

Quinten Waring for the song “Why Worry” has commented:

“When the going seems hard work and life doesn’t quite fell on my side then this is one of those records I turn to. It has to be the long version with the instrumental bit at the end. Stick on a set of headphones, lie back, close your eyes, and enjoy this fantastic record that makes the world feel that bit better.”

Jefferson Lobato for the song “Planet of New Orleans,” has commented:

“This song always amused me, the lyrics not less. Once in New Orleans, one day made me reminds me of the song and what a coincidence that at this exact moment I was between Toulouse and Dauphine corner, just waiting to cross in front Marie Ondine hotel… Lyrics made sense instantly, odd feeling about universe tricks.”

Eric AuCoin for the album Making Movies has commented:

“With all the isolation going on, someone nominated me to pick one album per day for days that inspired me personally in a musical sense. This album was my day three. I love the guitars, an incredible album. Doesn’t get better than ‘Tunnel of Love,’ still after 40 years.”

Hanne Eva Siggstedt Stenstad for the album Brothers in Arms has commented:

“The whole Brothers in Arms album is absolutely perfect. My favorite song from the beginning was Money for Nothing! I could never have enough of it.”

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