Take a Look to The Carmine D’Onofrio Dire Straits Video Collection

Take a Look to The Carmine D’Onofrio Dire Straits Video Collection

Carmine D’Onofrio

Carmine D’Onofrio is a 28-years-old Italian guitarist who is originally from Naples, but today he is living in Parma, Italy.

Thanks to the Dire Straits and Mark Knopfler he started to play on guitar. He plays many different genres, but most of all he plays the Rock N’ Roll.

“I have really deepened his technique over the years, studying neurotically each of his live performances,” he said about Mark Knopfler.

Today, we would like to share four videos from his YouTube channel. On each one, he performed different songs by Dire Straits, so let’s start.

On the first video which is uploaded back in 2016, Carmine performed the solo of the intro song “Romeo & Juliet,” on his Yamaha acoustic guitar. The video is only 29-seconds, but the intro is played perfectly with high quality and sufficient level of knowledge for playing guitar, according to the song. So, here is the video.

The next video is dedicated to the song “Down to the Waterline” which is also the solo of only 22-seconds, but Carmine did it in a very good and smooth style and way on his Fender Stratocaster electric guitar. Check it out!

The third video by Carmine is a little bit special because in only 13-seconds he performed the curious lick of the song “Money for Nothing” which Mark Knopfler played in Nimes, France, back in 1992. Also, for this video, Carmine used an originally Pensa MK2 electric guitar, which he borrowed from a friend for a few days.

And in the end, the fourth video which is the longest one of 39-seconds, Carmine has played the intro part of the song “So Far Away,” on his Crafter classical acoustic guitar. The interesting part for this video is actually that Carmine has tried to play the intro from Sydney Live 86’s performance by Dire Straits.

“All of the mine first videos are recorded in 2016 and at the time I didn’t have the professional equipment that I had today. The videos are recorded with the front camera of an Asus ZenFone. After that, I decided to stop posting videos on YouTube until I had the right equipment, which I finally got it. This is the true story,” Carmine added.

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