Sunday movie – Proposal from team of DSB

Sunday movie – Proposal from team of DSB

The Doors (1991)

Dire Straits Blog is a website about music, especially about the British rock band Dire Straits and the members of the band. Because we all love music, and we all very well know that music has the power to connect people all around the world, we would like to propose a movie about music.

Today, we decided to propose a movie about The Doors. Sunday is a day in which all the people are at home with their families and they all taking a break from the past hard workdays. Because of that, this movie is very interesting and it tells the story of the band – The Doors.

The Doors is a movie from 1991 and is an American biographical movie about the band whose frontman was Jim Morrison. Tomorrow is 46 years after his death on July 3th, 1971. This movie is a retrospective on Morrison’s life as an icon of 1960s Rock N’ Roll, a man who lived free full with love of hippie lifestyle.

The Doors (1991) – Movie poster.

But, he went a few steps beyond…his alcoholism, interest in spiritual ‘plane’ and hallucinogenic drugs grow up to an obsession of his life, and at the end was the result of his loss. Unfortunately, this movie was not well received by his band’s mates, close friends, and family. Anyway, this is an amazing movie from who you will see how Jim lived his life in the 60s. Enjoy!

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