“Sultans of Swing” + “Down to The Waterline” on Ibanez Guitar

“Sultans of Swing” + “Down to The Waterline” on Ibanez Guitar

Moon-Hong Kim

Moon-Hong Kim before some days ago, on his YouTube Channel shared his new cover version of “Sultans of Swing”, performed on Ibanez Guitar.

Kim is big fan of Mark Knopfler and his music with Dire Straits. From his many video cover versions, they are some from Dire Straits.

From the videos of his channel we can see that Kim is very good amateur guitar player and he have guitar talent. Kim also made a cover version of “Down To The Waterline” by Dire Straits.

His hobby is to play on guitar and especially in his spare time in his office. For his wife, he made a solo cover from Larry Carlton’s song “Room 335” from his 1978 album.

The sound from the Ibanez guitar is very good and at the same time it is very close to the sound produced by Fender Strat. However, “Sultans of Swing” is song that has a priceless sound and tone, and there is a lyric that can be adapted to each guitar.

The “Sultans” are something best from Dire Straits, and Mark Knopfler is the main phenomenon in the whole situation. In this case, listen the new cover version from Kim and enjoy!

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