New Video Cover of “Sultans of Swing” by The Band Fake Noise

New Video Cover of “Sultans of Swing” by The Band Fake Noise

fake-noise-band-switzerland-sultans-of-swing-new-cover-video-dsb-dire-straits-blog-fan-club-fansNew Video Cover of “Sultans of Swing” by The Band Fake Noise

Today, we present you with another video cover of one of the greatest rock songs ever. This new video cover of the song ‘Sultans of Swing’ comes straight from Zurich, Switzerland. It is performed by the newly formed Switzerland band called Fake Noise. This classic song is played by a girl on the lead guitar and one on the drums.

Down below in this article, thanks to the lead vocal singer as well as guitarist in this band, a young lady Charlotte Farine, you will have the opportunity to get to know the band and listen to their cover.

Because Charlotte seems like a very pleasant person for talking and sharing news, she said something more about her band. Also, she said a few words about their video cover of the song ‘Sultans of Swing’.

“We are a very freshly formed non-professional band in configuration since March 2021. With four members, two girls and two boys, we are a mix between English, German and Swiss German. We come from different regions of Switzerland and Mexico and speak different languages. Mostly we play rock and blues with a touch of soul, and add our creativity to the covers we play.”

“During this pandemic situation, we had a chance to play a live-streamed concert at the Dynamo Zurich on April 2nd, 2021, where the Dynamo was kind enough to lend us performant equipment, technicians, and a live-stream. In our cover of ‘Sultans of Swing’ we offer a “new” or at least to this day more uncommon version including therefore women! We play for fun and for the love of music. The quality of the video is not optimal but it should still come out fine.”

The band members of Fake Noise are Belinda on the drums, Charlotte on guitar and vocals, Pascal on the bass guitar, and Elias on the lead guitar.

“Anyway, with this, we would like to motivate more women to share what they do too. Because there’s a lot of women that play great things out there,” she added.

In the end, Charlotte felt free to said what she thinks about our blog. “As a fan of Dire Straits, I’ve been following this blog, also on Facebook for some years now, and still enjoy it very much. I think it’s really great that you share what people around the world are playing in relation to the music style. Keeps people with similar taste in music connected.”

“This is a super cool blog page, where often cover bands are being shown too. I think it’s a nice way to show some cool videos taken by musicians around the world that have common ‘love’,” she finished.

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