“Southbound Again” – Dire Straits Cover by David Claux

“Southbound Again” – Dire Straits Cover by David Claux

“Southbound Again” – Dire Straits Cover by David Claux“Southbound Again” – Dire Straits Cover by David Claux

Probably you already know our dear friend as well as a guitarist from France – David Claux. In the past few years since our blog is on air, we’ve been shared blog-posts about him.

David has made amazing cover versions from some of the songs by Dire Straits. Until now, he has made covers for “Romeo and Juliet,” “Sultans of Swing,” “Lady Writer,” and a couple of Mark Knopfler’s songs.

Today, we would like to share another cover with him. This time, he took the time to do the cover for the song “Southbound Again” from Dire Straits’ debut album.

“’Southbound Again’ was a little of an exercise in terms of endurance, maintaining the rhythm through the 3+ minutes of the song required some training of my not-so-young anymore right hand.”

“I debated covering the album version or the live version, which is completely different. I opted for the album version because that’s the one that probably “speaks” to most people, and also because overall I probably prefer it myself.”

“But the biggest challenge was to sing and play lead at the same time. Fortunately, (and that’s also why I chose it) “Southbound Again” has a quite clear separation between the lead guitar and the singing. But anyway, being able to sing and play at the same time, especially when the guitar is not just chords played on specific beats, is something that’s pretty hard for me. I hope you’ll enjoy it. Comments are always welcome,” David has written in the email that he has sent to us.

Click the play button below, and enjoy watching and listening to David’s cover. Also, if you are interested in David’s work – click here to find more blog-posts about him!

“Southbound Again” – Dire Straits Cover by David Claux

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