“Southbound Again” – Acoustic Guitar Lesson by Pavel Fomenkov

“Southbound Again” – Acoustic Guitar Lesson by Pavel Fomenkov

Southbound Again | Pavel Fomenkov

The song for today is “Southbound Again” song, one of Mark’s “geography” songs from the very first album of Dire Straits. This song is a very easy song, but with no evidence of live recordings done with studio arrangement, it’s hard to make it out.

Pavel Fomenkov said: “I wanted to cover this song for a long time ago, but never tried to learn it except for trying to dabble it using A5 shape. And it was fun to learn it, especially since there’s seemingly only one way to play it, and I was especially happy when I found another way.”

He also added: “As always with this kind of songs, when you don’t have live performances and clear information, your only way how to do it is by your own learning it and Mark Knopfler himself probably can’t remember it how he did it. So, the only thing that you can do, keeps trying and never be 100% sure. Again, no evidence means that I’m not sure about all of it, maybe I’m 100% wrong, but this is part of the fun. Enjoy.”

In just 12-minutes you can go through all three parts of the video where Pavel explains the performance, learning process, and the riff of this song. The equipment that he used is the 1997 Gibson Advanced Jumbo guitar, Canon 600D camera, and a couple of other things. Enjoy the video!

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