Solo of the day – ‘Sultans of Swings’ by Coque Moreno

Solo of the day – ‘Sultans of Swings’ by Coque Moreno

Coque Moreno -'Sultans of Swing' Solo

Coque Moreno is from Barcelona, Spain and on his YouTube channel, he is publishing a video covers from some of the greatest songs ever. In the video below he made a short cover version from the solo of the song ‘Sultans of Swing’ by Dire Straits.

Namely, he has more than 20 music videos where he played some of the songs from Dire Straits, Carlos Santana, Gary Moore, The Eagles, Survivor, Pink Floyd, and Metallica.

The video below is from September 13, 2019, and is around 2 minutes. Moreno played very well on his Ibanez JEM7V-WH guitar. Check it out his version and give us a comment if you like it. Enjoy!

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