Solo of The Day: “Down to The Waterline” by Carmine D’Onofrio

Solo of The Day: “Down to The Waterline” by Carmine D’Onofrio

“Down to The Waterline” by Carmine D’Onofrio“Down to The Waterline” by Carmine D’Onofrio

Carmine D’Onofrio is a 29-years-old Italian guitarist who is originally from Naples, but today he is living in Parma, Italy. Thanks to the music of Dire Straits and Mark Knopfler he started to play on guitar.

Last year we shared four videos by Carmine D’Onofrio on our blog. Today, we are ready to share another short solo by him. This time Carmine has shared his “outro” from the song ‘Down to The Waterline’ by Dire Straits.

The video below is pretty short but nice to listen to. It lasts 1-minute and 33-seconds, and Carmine for this video played on his electric Fender Stratocaster Mexico 2007 guitar. He has a nice touch and a very Knopflerian right hand.

Watch more: Take a Look at The Carmine D’Onofrio Dire Straits Video Collection – CLICK HERE!

From the video, you can see that he worked hard on it. In our opinion, the sound, technics, and expression are fantastic. It’s a great guitar cover that deserves support and attention from our fans. If you like it, we will share more arrangements and covers by Carmine D’Onofrio. Give us a comment below and check the video.

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