Sofia’s story of her love to Dire Straits

Sofia’s story of her love to Dire Straits

Sofia Ravelli

When we saw pictures with vinyls from Dire Straits accidently on Instagram, we knew that this girl has something to share with all Dire Straits fans and readers of DSB.

She’s name is Sofia and she just turned 17. Sofia is from Italy and she live in small city near Milan. We got in touch with her and she told us interesting story about her love to music and Dire Straits.

“I fell in love with the real music at the age of 11. My parents had CD of Greatest Hits from The Beatles, and I listened that CD. After that Rock N’ Roll music basically chose me. I fell in love with Paul McCartney’s voice and accent, so I spent three entire summers searching information about The Beatles, watching videos and movies about them and most I reading books about their music in general, and of course I listened to their entire discography”, said Sofia.

Sofia Ravelli

“Internet helped me a lot to me, for “entering” into this world. After that, I became an obsessed fan of One Direction and still I am, lot of years. The story between me and Dire Straits started one evening when my mother showed me video from Alchemy where they played “Sultans of Swing”. The very first time when I saw that video, I was like “Who are them?” I don’t like them at all! How that guy on the microphone can be dressed like that? – I was shocked. His clothes are terrible! And few seconds later I turned off that video”, added Sofia.

“But you know, something from Mark’s voice was still in my head and I can’t to forget his voice. After a few days while I was listening to Layla by Eric Clapton, I had the necessity to listen to him again. Because of that, I searched something for Dire Straits on YouTube and basically I found my band. Everything came along. That’s how I grew up with music”, added Sofia.

Sofia with Dire Straits vinyl. ‘I can’t do everything, but I’d do anything for you.’

What do you like to do in your spare time?
In my spare time I like to do a lot of different things. Most of all I like to read books and listening to music (of course hah). Like others on my age I like to hang out with friends, visiting my relatives who live near me just to have a talk with them. But I also like to watching films, sleeping and chatting with friends who are so far away from me (I just quoted Mark, I know hahah).

What kind of music do you like and who is your favorite music bands/artists?
I like Celtic music, Country, Pop and everything but I am obsessed with Rock N’ Roll. Basically I love everyone from the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame. The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Cream, Eric Clapton, Yardbirds, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Bruce Springsteen, Bryan Adams, the Animals, Simon & Garfunkel, the Jimi Hendrix Experience, and of course Dire Straits.

Which are your favorite classic songs from Dire Straits?
This is hard question for me but I’ll say ‘Sultans of Swing’, it’s masterpiece. But also there are ‘Brothers in Arms’, ‘Lady Writer’, ‘Money for Nothing’, ‘Private Investigations’, ‘Making Movies’, ‘Once Upon a time in the West’…

Kissing a masterpiece – Sofia and Making Movies from Dire Straits.

If you must choose one song from Dire Straits, which one would be that?
I can’t to choose again, but I listening quite a lot to  ‘Down to the Waterline’ and ‘When It Comes To You’.

Do you enjoy listening to music from Dire Straits?
Of course, is my favorite hobby.

What is your motto in life and what is that which motivates you to continue with good vibes and positive energy in life?
My motto is to ‘dream big’ and music helps me a lot with this thing. But I am a very positive person and most of my time I’m full of good vibes hah.

Sofia Ravelli

And for the end can you tell something to all fans who read the Dire Straits Blog?
I would like to tell them to keep up reading this blog and go on listening to Dire Straits music because make us to feel better.

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