“Romeo and Juliet” by Udi Teitler (Video)

“Romeo and Juliet” by Udi Teitler (Video)

Udi Teitler for his cover version of "Romeo and Juliet."

Today we want to present you one cover version from “Romeo and Juliet” song by Dire Straits, now in performance from Udi Teitler.

Namely, Udi is from Israel he has an amazing wife and two wonderful children. He plays almost 30 years on a guitar and his second instrument is the piano. Udi recommended this cover version from “Romeo and Juliet” to be listened with headphones.

“For years I have been a part of great cover bands as the singer and guitar player. These days I have an acoustic band called “SJ-BAND”. We’re playing great acoustic covers for all kinds of songs and performing in many places. A year ago I started to record covers in my house while I’m playing the guitar, piano and of course the vocals. Since I can remember myself I have been a fan of Dire Straits. few days ago, I have recorded a cover for one of their greatest songs “Romeo and Juliet”, so you’re all welcome to put on your headphones and listen. You are more than welcome to subscribe to my YouTube Channel,” said Udi for our blog.

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