Pavel Fomenkov is back with new ‘Money for Nothing’ Lesson

Pavel Fomenkov is back with new ‘Money for Nothing’ Lesson

Pavel Fomenkov - New guitar lesson - Money for Nothing by Dire Straits.

Our Russian friend and guitarist – Pavel Fomenkov is back with new guitar lesson for all Mark Knopfler fans and for all amateur guitarists.

In some of the past blog posts that we have published about Pavel’s video lessons, he showed you how to play some of your favorites songs from Mark.

Today, he has new video lesson and he will show you how to play ‘Money for Nothing’ song by Dire Straits, on acoustic guitar.

The video lesson below, have lasts 16 minutes and Pavel explain everything which is on that song, from the whole performance, the pattern, the riffs, slowly, harmonics, verse and chorus to the playing and singing at the same time.

Pavel played on his 1997 Gibson Advanced Jumbo guitar and he is very good of what he doing. There is no doubt about his talent and speed of playing songs. Once again, thanks you Pavel for sending us this video lesson, in the name of all fans of Dire Straits.

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