New Cover Video by David Claux – “Matchstick Man”

New Cover Video by David Claux – “Matchstick Man”

David Claux

Our friend and fan – David Claux is back again for Dire Straits Blog, with new video cover for the song ‘Matchstick Man’ by Knopfler’s new album ‘Down the Road Wherever’.

David is musician from France, he loves music, guitars and he has amazing musical talent. He is from Paris, but for the last 12 years he lived in the United States near Seattle. For his new cover video

“My interpretation of ‘Matchstick Man’ from Down the Road Wherever, it’s one of my favorite songs on the album, partly because it’s autobiographical and further illustrates how humble Knopfler is. Mark’s newest album, is a masterpiece in my opinion, his best since Sailing to Philadelphia. There are so many great tunes on this album, with different sounds and styles. There’s even a song, namely ‘Back on the Dance Floor’, that could have felt right at home on the On Every Street album,” he said.

“I do have favorites though, and Matchstick Man is definitely one of them. as an autobiographical song, it’s a great reminder that Mark wasn’t always the superstar he eventually became, and further illustrates how humble he is. On this one I played and sung at the same time…it’s a lot harder than it looks”, David has finished.

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