‘Money for Nothing’ in performance by Xavier Dominguez

‘Money for Nothing’ in performance by Xavier Dominguez


Today we have one interesting video performance by Xavier H. Dominguez. Xavier is 35-year-old guitarist from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Xavier is a singer and songwriter and at the same time professional guitarist. He started to learn how to play on guitar in 2003. From then, he has been in a several projects in Argentina, most of them as a session musician. He took some guitar lessons for specific techniques, but most of his knowledge for playing guitar are from learning, watching and playing in band or solo.

“Now, I have a rock band called Bardo Thödol, we’ve been playing for a year until now and we have one record and couple of videos out there”, he said.

“My father had very important role in my influences, basically I started with playing on a guitar because of Carlos Santana. Then of course, the list grew up, Clapton, Knopfler, Hendrix, Brian May and many more guitarists and bands. But I’ve been also influenced by guitarists like Steve Vai or Frank Zappa. Now I’m a big fan of Eric Gales and Philip Sayce, they’re both are awesome”, he added.

Xavier Dominguez

Xavier also told us that he started to listen Dire Straits when he was 9 or maybe 10-years-old, and if he must choose from any song by DS he will definitely choose ‘Money for Nothing’ and ‘Sultans of Swing’. These two songs are his favorites.

He recently started to learning Knopfler’s right hand technique and the way he played the songs on a guitar. And for the end, we asked Xavier what is his motto in life and he said:

“I’m a Buddhist, I’m not religious, but in a philosophical way my motto is the experiences, travels and meeting great, spiritual and profound people. I always want to say that music makes us better people. Finally, I want to thank you for this blog-post and I’m happy for this interview and the possibility to talk with Dire Straits fans and to tell them a little bit about me and my music journey. I hope that you will listen and enjoy my cover video, thank you,” he finished.

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