Mark Knopfler at the drawing of Hungarian painter – Loós József

Mark Knopfler at the drawing of Hungarian painter – Loós József


What you will see below are amazing pictures from one drawing project. Namely, Loós József is artist from Hungary.

József sent us a couple of pictures from his drawings. He actually made draft of Mark Knopfler. As he said for Dire Straits Blog: “In the pictures that I draw, I usually portray such ensembles and performers, whose music and the melodic world I like.”

Loós József

The drawings are always made from a well-prepared and selected pictures. József also said that the success of drawings is due to the “Unknown” photographer.

“As an artist, I want all fans of Dire Straits to know how I done this drawing. I’m not a professional painter, this is my hobby and I love it. The drawings that I’ll done are on amateur level. I find the inspiration from a bands such as Dire Straits and guitarists like Mark Knopfler. They all have unique sound and something special at all”, added József.

Also, I just want to said thanks for the whole team of DSB. This is an amazing website for all the fans of DS and MK. Keep going forward no matter what happens and don’t look back”, finished József.

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