Joep Hullegie and his piano cover of “Money For Nothing”

Joep Hullegie and his piano cover of “Money For Nothing”

Joep Hullegie

Born on May 10, 1978 – Joep Hullegie is a known pianist who studied at the one of the most popular Schools of Arts in Netherlands in the city of Tilburg, at the Academy of Music and Performing Arts – Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten.

There, students are trained to become capable musicians, music teachers or singers with some of the best education. The whole program is focused on their future professional practice and career. The musical sense of the students is tuned to the maximum. With a lot of projects, masterclasses and extra practice students are trained to be the next generation of professionals musicians.

Joep Hullegie with his piano.

Joep Hullegie is one of the many students who started their solo career after the academy. He is a solo musician on piano, who is now self-employed as a pianist and composer. With a lot of projects and years of honing his craft , he worked with a different world class singers and musicians, actors, DJs, bands and orchestras.

Joep plays the piano at weddings, events and other special occasions. Also he is a solo vocalist and he composes live music, beats and effects in improvisational theater performances. He absolutely loves what he does.

Joep Hullegie

Joep has a YouTube Channel where he shares his own project called Weakley Piano Jam. He has been doing that since 2014 and until today he has more than 150 videos. The whole idea of this project is for him to make his own versions of popular music songs.

Every year Joep publishes 52 videos from popular classic hits songs on his channel. Also he made a piano version of “Money For Nothing”, The popular classic song from Dire Straits. Down below you can check the playlist from Joel and “Money For Nothing” version, which is amazing and it is sound like Ray Charles when he was in his best days. The rhythm and all that…sounds amazing.

This version exudes energy in your ears and inspires you to do the things you want to do. The rhythm of the song makes you feel positive. It is very inspirational for those people who want to learn  how to play piano and to play one of their favorite songs.

In many moments in the video, you will see how Joep just improvises variations and it sounds really good due to his experience and knowledge. It is really good version of “Money For Nothing” on piano. Enjoy and if you have your own version from some of Dire Straits songs, feel free to share it with us.

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