Interesting pictures from loyal Dire Straits Fans

Interesting pictures from loyal Dire Straits Fans

Dire Straits.

We constantly receive a lot of messages from our fans. Today we want to share with all you who read Dire Straits Blog, some pictures from our loyal fans that have something from Dire Straits.

These rare photos have been made by a few people who sent us messages. Real “Dire Soldiers”, so we want also to tell that anyone who has something from Dire Straits like a picture or video where they play some of Dire Straits songs, they can share with us or send us a message in the inbox and we will do another gallery here on our blog.

In this gallery we have pictures from: Alina Vilchenko, Bill Whipps, Darren Evans, J-H Barroso, John Frederiksen, Sjaak Van Hemmen and Serdar Bayraktar. Big thanks to these people!


Alina Vilchenko

Three vinyl records from Dire Straits – Communique, Dire Straits & Love Over Gold.

Bill Whipps

Bill Whipps – Dire Straits vinyl record.
Bill Whipps – Dire Straits vinyl record “Brothers In Arms”.

Darren Evans

Darren Evans – Dire Straits cassettes. Communique, Love Over Gold and Making Movies.

J-H Barroso

J-H Barroso – Ticket from Dire Straits concert in 1992 – Les Arenes – Nimes, France. 175 FRANCS.

John Frederiksen
Rare photos Dire Straits vinyl Live USA and ExtendedancEPlay.

Sjaak Van Hemmen
The Best of Mark Knopfler & Dire Straits – Private Investigations Special Edition. 

Serdar Bayraktar

Ticket from 1979.

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