Instrumental Flamenco Cover of the Song “Sultans of Swing”

Instrumental Flamenco Cover of the Song “Sultans of Swing”

Instrumental Flamenco Cover of the Song “Sultans of Swing”Instrumental Flamenco Cover of the Song “Sultans of Swing”

Raul Olivar is a Spanish musician who is born in Valladolid, and he is currently living there. Today we would like to share with you his newest instrumental-flamenco cover for the song by Dire Straits, “Sultans of Swing.”

He has started his music career as a self-taught musician until he began with studies with his teacher Luis Lara in Valladolid, Spain. Then he continued his training mostly focused on the concert guitar with Oscar Herrero, Manolo Sanlucar, Rafael Riqueni, and Jose Jimenez also known as “El Viejin.”

Raul has trained in the accompaniment of singing and dancing at the “Amor de Dios” school in Madrid, Spain, together with Aquilino Jimenez “El Entry” and expanded his studies on modern harmony and contemporary guitar in Madrid with Felix Santos, ending with the outstanding note in both specialties.

Until now, Raul has released one album which is a compilation of his four previous recordings, on which he is the author, composer, and producer, in addition to having collaborated in numerous recordings released nationwide.

Raul Olivar has a special style of playing and recording, and he is well-known for his rock-flamenco guitar style with the piano in the background of the music.

On April 28, 2020, he performed “Sultans of Swing” by Dire Straits on his flamenco guitar together with Cesar Diez on bass guitar, and Diego Martin on drums.

The whole video montage for this cover version is made by Raul, and the mixing part and mastering is by Cesar Diez. This is absolutely one of the greatest trio flamenco versions for this classic song and in the future, we are expecting more videos by Raul and his bandmates.

Great song, great musicians, great flamenco performance! Thumbs up!

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