Incredible Music Video of “Brothers In Arms” by The Portnoy Brothers

Incredible Music Video of “Brothers In Arms” by The Portnoy Brothers

Sruli and Mendy Protnoy.
Sruli and Mendy Portnoy are two brothers who grew up hugely influenced by the music of Dire Straits. They are a British-Israeli folk rock duo formed in 2012 in Manchester, United Kingdom – by brothers Sruli who was born in 1990 and Mendy born in 1992.
Their first album “Learn To Love” was released independently on 29 September 2016. The album has 10 songs and you can also check it here. Because their musical story somehow is connected with the music of Dire Straits, they decided to create one amazing music video with all performance of the greatest “Brothers In Arms” song.
The Portnoy Brothers – “Learn To Love” first album.

Sruli and Mendy were born in Manchester but like adults they moved and currently live in Jerusalem, Israel. Their father was an orchestra conductor and they started to play together at around 14 years old. The Portnoy Brothers also have cited The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, and Simon & Garfunkel as musical influences.

Brothers Sruli and Mendy.
And now you can enjoy the incredible performance of these two brothers who sing the best song of Dire Straits. “Brothers In Arms” video below.

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