Ilyes Berramdane with a new cover video of ‘Money For Nothing’

Ilyes Berramdane with a new cover video of ‘Money For Nothing’

Ilyes Berramdane

Ilyes Berramdane is from Algeria and he is 21 years old. Ilyes is huge fan of the music of Dire Straits and Mark Knopfler. Before one year he decided to start playing guitar first as his hobby.

But after one year, he become very good player, and on his YouTube Channel, Ilyes started to upload videos from his performances and solo videos and covers of Dire Straits songs. Already we have made two blog posts for him in June and August 2017.

Now, he is back again with new cover video where he played “Money for Nothing” song by Dire Straits. He recorded his video on January 4, 2018 using Guitar Rig 5.

“I started to play on guitar when I started to watch wonderful Mark Knopfler”, he said. “Mark had many amazing and powerful solos, like that is on Alchemy version which with his beautiful and fabulous technique make people to be forget about themselves”, added Ilyes.

“I tried to play it as well as possible, and I tried to get the wonderful distortion sound but you know Knopfler unique sound comes from his unique finger picking technique. I enjoyed during making this video and playing ‘Money for Nothing’, and I hope you will enjoy watching my new little cover version.”

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