Franz Raab and his number one song from Dire Straits

Franz Raab and his number one song from Dire Straits

Franz Raab

On our Facebook Fan Page we constantly have a lot of messages from loyal fans of Dire Straits that send us pictures, videos and cover versions. Today we communicated with Franz Raab who sent us some videos from him. Down below you will have a chance to listen to his music and his cover versions.

We communicated with him over Facebook, and we have information that he is from Saarbrücken, southwest Germany (directly on the border to France) and he is 58 years old. Franz started to play guitar when he was 12 years old and he learned to play all by himself. Also, till now he has released and produced two albums.

Franz also, makes a lot of cover versions from classic songs. When we asked Franz which classic song from Dire Straits is his number one or favorite he said: “My best song from Dire Straits is “Sultans of Swing”, people like it and when I play it I remember one of my old dreams where I played with Mark Knopfler together. Every time when I play “Sultans of Swing” I remember that dream.”

Also he told us more, about his motto in life and what he will do in the future. He said: “My motto in life is to play guitar, because that is what makes me happy. In the future I want to make more cover songs of Dire Straits.”, finished Franz.

His newest CD with his own songs.

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