DSB Interview: Zuzana and her portraits of Mark Knopfler

DSB Interview: Zuzana and her portraits of Mark Knopfler


We have published many posts about portraits of Mark Knopfler. Interesting thing is that we found the woman who made them. And she had interview for Dire Straits Blog.

We communicated with her, and for all our readers – she told us interesting stuff, about her life and her passion for portraits. Below is the full interview with Zuzana Gyárfásová, between, you can also see the whole gallery of her portraits of Mark Knopfler.


Tell us something more about you, how old are you, where are you from, what is your work?
My name is Zuzana Gyárfásová, I am from Czech Republic and I working as a nurse in Prague. I have 32 years and I enjoy drawing portraits. Especially portraits of Mark Knopfler because I am very big fan of Knopfler, Dire Straits and their music. Also I like others rock musicians and bands.

When did you start to work with art?
The love to art started since my childhood. My grandma was school teacher and she was amazingly smart. She could paint anything that she wanted. While I watching her paintings they inspired me for started with art. She fascinated me.

How long have you working as a painter, and how many portraits did you created till now?
As I said, from when I remember about myself. I have made many portraits. Apart from Mark Knopfler I tried to create portraits of other favorite musicians like Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan or Bob Dylan. I love to paint both people and landscapes, but portraits became main focus in my drawings in recent years.

Tell us more about your connection between music and art?
I think both art and music play important role in our lives. I love to draw while I listening to music, especially i love to listened my favourite vinyl records. Sometimes I get inspired just from hearing the music. It helps me to cope with the stress from work too.

Did Mark Knopfler and Dire Straits has influence on your work?
Yes, of course. I draw many portraits from Mark and that is more fun with every new one, even that I have a lot to improve, when it comes to portraits. I’m trying to be better technically, but at the same time I enjoy that process of drawing, where I can combine and experiment with black and white, coloured pencils and various Canson papers, which became my favourite over the years.

Have you had some public exhibitions of your artworks?
Not really, except once when I was about 15, that was some competition and I won there. Long time since then. I only remember that it was a landscape painting.

Do you enjoy listening to music from Dire Straits?
Yes, I am a huge fan of Mark Knopfler for years… He never stops amaze me. Whether solo, with Dire Straits or Notting Hillbillies he is incredibly talented and one of the greatest guitarists in the world. I was lucky to visit some places connected with Dire Straits, while I was working in London, like Deptford’s Farrer House, Soho and other places that inspired Mark’s lyrics. Since 2008 I attended 10 Mark’s concerts, from which I loved those in Royal Albert Hall especially.

For the end can you tell something to all fans who read the Dire Straits Blog?
I just would like to thank DSB for this interview and to all fans who reading this interesting blog.

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