Dire Straits – “News” – Family Cover by Francois & Augustin Lepage

Dire Straits – “News” – Family Cover by Francois & Augustin Lepage

Francois and Augustin Lepage

In the past posts on the blog, we introduced you with the French guitarist and musician Francois Lepage who is also the frontman of the band called Ripley. He said that he will make a cover video from some of the songs by Dire Straits.

Today, we want to share with you the newest cover video by Francois and his son Augustin (20). In the video, they performed a song from the second album by Dire Straits Communique (1979).

“This is “News,” which seems to us a good choice due to the difficult time we are facing. This is a family story,” wrote Francois.

His son Augustin is 20-years-old, and he is studying architecture in the United Kingdom. Augustin has started playing the guitar at the age of 7. The interesting thing is that Augustin is left-handed, but he playing the guitar on the right side, and only the fingerstyle as Mark Knopfler. Below you can check their performance, which sounds absolutely relaxing and is good for the ears.

Also, you can check the other video covers by Francois and his band, Ripley here. Enjoy!

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