The daughter who surprise her father with ‘Sultans of Swing’ solo is back with new cover video

The daughter who surprise her father with ‘Sultans of Swing’ solo is back with new cover video

Nika Brumen

Before two months we wrote one blog-post about one girl who have surprised her father for his birthday, with an unexpected present – solo from the ‘Sultans of Swing’ song by Dire Straits.

In the middle of February 2017, Nika wanted to buy a guitar, Andrej had to fulfill that desire for her, but he firstly told her: “Okay we will buy it, but if this guitar is a wish just for one day, you will have to re-pay the expenses.”

“Obviously, that was not a wish for one day and she sometimes really enjoy during she playing on guitar”, said Andrej.

Now, after few months, Nika is back with new cover. Andrej sent us email where he said that Nika have something new for Dire Straits Blog, actually he told her that is time for new cover. Nika has made a new video of Dire Straits song and that is “Tunnel of Love” the final solo.

Otherwise, Nika is born on 27th January 2004 as a first child of three. Now she is visiting 8th/9 grade of Primary School in Prevalje, Slovenia. Among her hobby of playing guitar, she also like sports and she enjoy on very much.

On her own wish, Nika started to play guitar in February 2017. Now she is taking lessons at the local guitar player – teacher once a week for a half an hour, but the real work starts at home where she is playing approx. 2-3 hours per day. She likes to listen Dire Straits and Mark Knopfler, The Eagles, AC/DC, Guns N’ Roses.

Hope you like this interesting story that Andrej share with us. Enjoy in the video below and give support to this young girl who has the talent and will surely develop over the years to come.

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