Daniele Di Santo and his Dire Straits tattoo

Daniele Di Santo and his Dire Straits tattoo

Daniele Di Santo.

Tattoos are an expression of art and they have specific magic in visual form. Some people make them because they have sad or happy story, or just to be “in” in modern life.

Tattoos have a sense of magic that cannot be explained with words or logic, but must be felt with emotion, imagination and whatever it is our souls are made of.

In a fact people who have one or more tattoos, their next tattoo would be made in near future again. Tattoos today are so big trend and every second man on this planet have one tattoo. Many years ago, tattoos were not acceptable in the workplace. But today that changed.

Daniele Di Santo is Italian guy, he have lot of tattoos on his left arm. One of those tattoos is a Dire Straits guitar which is really good created. He is really big fan of Dire Straits music and Mark Knopfler.

Down below you can check the gallery with photos from Daniele’s tattoo. Also if you have Dire Straits tattoo, you can send us pictures on Facebook.

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