‘Brothers in Arms’ – Video Cover by Duplessy & The Violins of the World

‘Brothers in Arms’ – Video Cover by Duplessy & The Violins of the World

‘Brothers in Arms’ – Video Cover by Duplessy & The Violins of the World

Mathias Duplessy is a professional musician and composer from France. Originally he is coming from the west of France – Normandy, but today he is living in Paris.

Alongside his video cover for the song ‘Brothers in Arms’, for all the fans of Dire Straits Blog, he told and share with us interesting things from his career and life.

He started with his professional music career when he was 18-years old. Today, Mathias is 47-years-old and he enjoyed to tell us more about his career and connection between his band and Dire Straits.

His band, Duplessy & The Violins of the World, made an amazing video cover for the song ‘Brothers in Arms’. Mathias said: “This band brings together traditional violins from several countries, with my guitar and voice, we play all around the world already 10 years.”

Below you will have a chance to read the interview and to look on the video cover from his band Duplessy & The Violins of the World.

What kind of music genres do you like and who are your favorite music bands or artists?

“When I was only six years old I started with learning how to play on guitar. I began with classical music, and after that, I started playing rock, flamenco, gypsy, and jazz music. I’m a fan of different music genres, mainly Dire Straits and The Police are my kind of music genres, but I like also Pat Metheny, Miles Davis, Charlie Mingus, Maurice Ravel, Richard Wagner, and Gyorgy Ligeti.”

Mathias also told us something about his hobbies, he said: “In my spare time I like to draw and also to compose music. I started with composing music when I started with my professional career, and until now I have the honor to work and compose music for movies, classical music, some famous names of classical guitar in France like Milos, Jeremy Jouve, or Thibault Cauvin. Also, I have worked on some projects for sonata and concerto music.”

Can you remember on your first time when you listened to a song from Dire Straits?

“All my life I have been interested in other cultures and different guitar styles, but always my first guitar hero was Mark Knopfler. When I was a teenager, it was 1986 when I listened to ‘Money for Nothing’ for the first time on the radio. At the time, for me, that was a shock. Immediately I wondered to start and playing exactly like Mark Knopfler. So, in the next days, I started with studying in my room the riffs and I practiced my English because of the lyric of the song. After I discovered all the albums, I fall in love with Dire Straits.”

“Because I like classical music, my favorite song by Dire Straits is the song ‘Telegraph Road’. This composition is incredible, for me is a classical song, with an amazing lyric, and great art in it. Also, the Alchemy version is something “orgasmic”! I consider that that was the best period of Mark Knopfler because at the time he had the energy for playing guitar and the compositions were absolutely ambitious for example: ‘Once Upon A Time In The West’, or ‘Romeo and Juliette’. Terry Williams on the drums gave a lot of energy to the whole band and lit the fire in the playing.”

What is the motto in your life and what motivates you to continue with good vibes and positive energy?

“The motto in my life is the love, music, culture, history, the love for my son and my girlfriend, and most important for my motivation to continue in the life with good vibes and positive energy is the thing that every day I have to learn something new and important.”

“I think that Dire Straits was the best pop and rock band in the 80s’ and I hope that you will like our video cover, which we made for them. Today, the lyric of the song ‘Brothers in Arms’ is unfortunately still relevant, and I feel that we have to be engaged to save the planet from ourselves,” he finished.

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