“Brothers In Arms” – Dire Straits Cover by Colin Tommis

“Brothers In Arms” – Dire Straits Cover by Colin Tommis

brothers-in-arms-by-colin-tommis-dire-straits-blog-cover-video-fan-club-uk-instrumental-version-acoustic-guitar“Brothers In Arms” – Dire Straits Cover by Colin Tommis

“Brothers In Arms” is one of the greatest classic hit songs by Dire Straits. This song has a really emotional instrumental background, it touches your heart and feelings, and also sometimes its melody knows how to shed tears from your eyes.

Lyric of this song by itself is strong and hard because the theme is war. Actually, the background of this song is the theme of the Falkland War and is described by some as an anti-war song. Anyway, today we would like to present to you, an acoustic session and arrangement by Colin Tommis.

Namely, Colin Tommis is a musician and a guitarist who has made a wonderful instrumental cover of the song “Brothers in Arms” by Dire Straits, on his acoustic guitar. On October 11, 2020, he recorded and published his full 6-minutes cover video. At this moment, the video has more than 1,000 views, and we would like to give him support to reach more as is possible views and reactions from our fans and followers.

Down below you can listen to this beautiful arrangement. A masterful rendition played with a great feel. Super interpretation for classical guitar, as one of the fans, has already said in the comment section on YouTube.

Also, Colin has sent us an e-mail where he gave us an idea for sharing out his video cover. He also said:

“Hello fellows, it occurred to me that some of your blog-viewers might enjoy this video. It’s a fine song and well-suited to this sort of approach. All the best.”

On this occasion, we would like to thank Colin as a team for contacting us and sending us this amazing video cover. It really deserves to be shared on our blog page.

This classical guitar arrangement of the “Brothers in Arms” song sits well on the instrument. It is a music video of this award-winning Dire Straits song. Mark Knopfler said it was a song of soldier solidarity. His original video of it won a Grammy award. This slow spacious and melancholic version allows the timbres of the instrument to sing.

Colin recorded this video using two sE1a microphones with a U-Phoria UMC404HD interface. Then, he sent the audio recording to Germany where David Qualey has done a wonderful engineering job on the sound.

The guitar was made by Tony Johnson, a luthier operating in Holmfirth in the UK. The video footage was shot at Delmar in Cheshire.

Also, if you like to find out more about Colin click HERE, where the guitar sheet music PDF can be purchased and downloaded. Don’t forget to listen to the cover below and subscribe to Colin’s YouTube channel.

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