“Brothers In Arms” Fingerstyle Guitar Cover by Spacewalk

“Brothers In Arms” Fingerstyle Guitar Cover by Spacewalk


Today for all fans of Dire Straits we have amazing acoustic fingerstyle guitar cover version of “Brothers In Arms”, created by Spacewalk based on an arrangement by Dan C.Holloway.

Spacewalk have created eight video covers from many musicians and bands from Dire Straits, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Willie Nelson, The Police, Elton John, Seal and Sting, Down below you can hear the version from Dire Straits for “Brothers In Arms” song. Enjoy.

More about Spacewalk

Spacewalk is a independent singer-songwriter, composer and producer of alt rock, neo-psychedelia & indie folk. Fingerstyle guitarist, nature lover, adventurer and traveler. Based in Sweden, although his music tends to defy categorization, it ultimately falls into the alternative genre as he intricately blends the acoustic elements of indie folk with electronic visions of neo-psychedelia, trip-hop and experimental rock.

Spacewalk came into being as the musical journey of a passionate reclusive guy who dares to touch his father’s dusty worn-out Alhambra in his late teens and steps into the realm of magic. At the time, the bitter reality of the systematic philistinism of the totalitarian establishment is silently cancelled out by a young vibrant underground network of talented musicians and connoisseurs in his hometown, Tehran.

Being a part of such a creative community, Spacewalk’s music develops in originality as he starts writing his own material and soon he is awarded as a finalist in the Song of The Year™ International songwriting contest. In 2009, Spacewalk records his first EP in independent underground studios including his own home studio in Tehran, Iran.

The publication of “Your Rainbows After My Acid Rain” is challenged by predictable legal obstacles which motivates him to release it D.I.Y both digitally and physically. In the end, the culmination of his efforts pays off and his music is generally well received especially after being aired by numerous radio stations including BBC Introducing™ and WFMU™.

After moving to Sweden to pursue his passion, he releases his second EP “Placebo Effect” in summer 2011 on the leading digital outlets and streaming services. He has performed numerous shows in different locations including England, Sweden, Spain and Madeira both solo and in collaboration with other artists.

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