Best Dire Straits song for listening while you drive

Best Dire Straits song for listening while you drive


Dire Straits have many songs which was hits in the middle of 80s and 90s and still are and we still listen same songs we from time to time. But if you are driver, we have one song which probably is the best song for you. while you driving you will be totally relaxed and nothing can upset you.

“Sultans of Swing” has own magic and this song is so relaxed. With that easy guitar Mark Knopfler made magic rhythm that can make you to forget on everything and to focus just on one thing, and that’s thing is the rhythm of the guitar from the song.

We have some videos from fans that listen “Sultans of Swing” in their cars. Anyway if you are fan of Dire Straits you must have songs from them in your car. It is simply inevitably.

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