Ilyes is back again with ‘Local Hero/Going Home’ Cover Video

Ilyes is back again with ‘Local Hero/Going Home’ Cover Video

Ilyes Berramdane

Ilyes Berramdane is a 21-years old amateur musician from Algeria. He is a medical student but in his spare time, he loves to play on guitar. Ilyes play on guitar over one year, and that’s is his hobby.

“I started to play on guitar when I started to watch Mark Knopfler,” he said. “Mark had many amazing and powerful solos. One of those is the Alchemy Live Version with his beautiful and fabulous technique that makes people forget about themselves,” he added.

Ilyes bought a classical guitar in July 2016 and he immediately started to practice. Since he began, he used his fingers to learn Mark Knopfler finger-picking style and technique. After 4 months, Ilyes bought his first electric guitar.

“After I bought my first electric guitar I started to watch tutorials about different guitars techniques. Of course, I wanted to become better at one of the techniques – and that is Mark Knopfler’s finger-picking technique. After that, I created my first cover of ‘Sultans of Swing”, he added Ilyes.

If you want to see Ilyes ‘Sultans of Swing’ cover click here. After one month Ilyes created a new cover video from ‘Local Hero’ and that is the theme song better known as ‘Going Home’.

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