Amazing Story and Ukulele Cover of “Romeo and Juliet” by Nicolas Salsac

Amazing Story and Ukulele Cover of “Romeo and Juliet” by Nicolas Salsac

Amazing Story and Ukulele Cover of “Romeo and Juliet” by Nicolas SalsacAmazing Story and Ukulele Cover of “Romeo and Juliet” by Nicolas Salsac

Nicolas Salsac is a French ukulele player, and today we are going to share his beautiful ukulele cover for the song “Romeo and Juliet” by Dire Straits. This is one amazing story about a musician and the dream which came true. Keep reading on!

People in France known him under the name Nico’s which is his stage name and also the name of his band. We have talked with him, so he shared some interesting information with all our readers.

“I’m a French ukulele player and I started to play on guitar when I was a teenager. Mark Knopfler was always my inspiration. He has a very big influence on me. I saw his last tour in France, and I love it when he plays his Style O guitar in open G – like Hawaiian strumming. I played on many festivals around the world, so it’s like homage for me,” he said.

Nicolas shared his video cover on his Facebook page, and he wrote:

“Good evening, tonight the penultimate with an adaptation made this a perm of “Romeo and Juliet,” song written by the man that I respect the most in music – Mr. Mark Knopfler.”

“Romeo and Juliet” by Nicolas Salsac

A long-short story about Nico’s

At a very early age, he had a passion for guitar. Since he was a teenager he was interested in that musical instrument. Nico’s first influences were Mark Knopfler, David Gilmour, Jimi Hendrix, Paco de Lucia, and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Since his childhood, he dreamed of Polynesia, a dream which comes true in 2000. The emotional shock occurs as soon as the doors of the plane open when he hears the sound of the ukulele. Then, he became very interested in learning this instrument. So, he started with learning with the locals, who taught him to the rhythm of bruises on Teahupo’o.

A year later, while having fun on the Hawaiian version of the ukulele, he recorded a demo of the song “Stairway to Heaven.” He published his video on MySpace, and there was a surprise…he was invited to play it in New York City, in the USA.

Since then he continues with Hawaii and meets the greatest players during his adventures around the globe. His passion for travel and music gives him an idea to form his own band.

Nico’s is a band of very talented musicians as well as friends. You have to listen to them to realize their talent. The band members are:

  • Salsac Nicolas – lead vocal and ukulele player
  • Lonca Remi – guitarist and choirs
  • Faure Fred – percussions

Below is the video where you can listen to their virtuosity, mastery, and their complete magic. Enjoy!

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