“All the Roadrunning” – Mark Knopfler Cover by Jake Thistle

“All the Roadrunning” – Mark Knopfler Cover by Jake Thistle

all-the-roadrunning-mark-knopfler-cover-jake-thistle-dire-straits-blog-fans-fan-clubJake Thistle

The good and young musician, singer, songwriter, and guitarist Jake Thistle, now 18 years old, continues to create and share music cover videos of various rock songs.

His multi-instrumentalist talent was proven through many cover versions that he has shared with us. Mostly, those were songs by Mark Knopfler and Dire Straits. Today, we would like to share a new cover video by Jake Thistle. This time he made a cover video of Mark Knopfler’s song “All The Roadrunning”.

Also, for Dire Straits Blog, he wanted to say something more about this cover. “There is no special reason for this song and video cover. Other than I heard it the other day, really liked it, and couldn’t believe there wasn’t a guitar solo in it, because Mark Knopfler is so excellent. Anyway, I thought to give the song a try for the first time, but with a guitar solo in there. Just for the fun,” he added.

“All the Roadrunning” is a song by Mark Knopfler’s collaboration album from 2006 with Emmylou Harris. Jake made a video cover of this song in a length of almost 8-minutes including a great guitar solo which you’ll have a chance to listen to in the video below.

If you want to listen to more video covers by Jake Thistle – CLICK HERE!

Jake Thistle – All The Roadrunning (Mark Knopfler Cover)

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