Acoustic Solo Version of “Sultans of Swing” by Antonis Simixis (Video)

Acoustic Solo Version of “Sultans of Swing” by Antonis Simixis (Video)

Acoustic Solo Version of “Sultans of Swing” by Antonis Simixis (Video)

Antonis Simixis is a 36-years-old musician from one of the Greeks islands Rhodes, Greece. He made a full acoustic solo version cover video from the song “Sultans of Swing” by Dire Straits.

In the video below you can check out and listen to his performance. He is playing one of his favorite songs of Dire Straits on his acoustic Epiphone Dave Navvaro “Jane” guitar, which is absolutely beautiful.

We have asked him a few questions, about the music, his favorite musicians and bands, and the future plans. Exclusive for Dire Straits Blog, fans, and the readers he gave us the answers.

Antonis, what can you tell us about your favorite musicians and bands?

“Oh, it’s a very difficult question because there are too many. But for sure, I can say that I have a deep appreciation for the musicians and bands that have their own unique style.”

When did you start playing on the guitar?

“I started playing music at the age of 11. Firstly, I started with playing on mandolin and a Greek traditional instrument called ‘Laouto’ which is an instrument from the family instruments of Lutes. Somehow in 2009, my life changed when my girlfriend which is also a musician too, gave me a CD by the American guitarist Al Di Meola. When I heard only 50 seconds of the solo that he played, that was it, I told myself that I will become a guitarist.”

What are your next plans for the future?

“Actually, I want to make more videos and to share them with the people. That makes me very happy. Also, I have my own music which I share on my YouTube channel, so everybody can hear it and enjoy it!”

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