“My Life in Dire Straits” – Book Review by Kelly

“My Life in Dire Straits” – Book Review by Kelly

“My Life in Dire Straits” – Book Review by Kelly“My Life in Dire Straits” – Book Review by Kelly

Kelly is a woman from Wels, and her passion can describe her as a constant book reader. Her nickname
ladywriter55” tell us a lot about her love for Dire Straits.

In February 2022, she shared an interesting photo on her Instagram profile. Namely, she published a photo of John Illsley’s book “My Life in Dire Straits”, but in the background were four Dire Straits pieces of vinyl. The collage included the first album ‘Dire Straits’, ‘Making Movies’, ‘Communique’ and the ‘Alchemy Live Album’ by Dire Straits.

The interesting part was her book review and what she said about this book in the photo description.

Today we would like to share her review with all our readers on Dire Straits Blog. So, what she said, keep reading to find out.

“As my username may suggest, I am a huge Dire Straits fan. So, I was so excited when this came out,” she wrote.

“I was brought up on this band, it’s my dad’s favourite so it was inevitable that I was gonna be a Straits head. The insight into the band, how it formed, its troubles and successes described throughout the book, was the missing piece I didn’t know I needed in this lifelong fandom,” she added.

“John Illsley is humble throughout the book and really gives you the ups and downs you look for in a book of this nature. To any Dire Strait fan, I highly recommend this book you will not be disappointed.”

“And it may be daddy’s band, and he may have drunk with Terry one time, but I’ve got John Illsley’s signature because, of course, I had to have the signed edition,” she said.

“All the vinyl in the image and the rest in my collection was all inherited (stolen) from my dad. Without him there wouldn’t be this “crazy” 29-year-old Dire Straits fan wandering around. So, thanks for being the coolest Daddy,” she finished.

Down below you can see the photography and all the post by Kelly. Also, if you want to support her work or just follow her on Instagram, please click HERE.

Kelly is constantly immersed in the world of books. So, join her captivating journey through the written word and discover the beauty she captures through her lens.

From enchanting book reviews to intriguing personal tales, her Instagram profile is a treasure trove of literary wonders. Explore Kelly’s captivating photography and get lost in the stories she shares.

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