Win Mark Knopfler’s Signed Stratocaster Guitar

Win Mark Knopfler’s Signed Stratocaster Guitar

Win Mark Knopfler’s Signed Stratocaster GuitarWin Mark Knopfler’s Signed Stratocaster Guitar

Once again our hero Mark Knopfler is a part of a humanitarian organization. Namely, he put his 2013 Red Fender Stratocaster on auction and raising money for the UK stage crew affected by the pandemic.

It is more than obvious that the stage crews in the UK need our help and support. There seem to be the forgotten ones in the current pandemic, besides that they’re heroes of the live entertainment world. Without them shows just couldn’t happen.

Mark Knopfler is aware of this, and he helps with raising money for the stage crew charity Stagehand’s #ILoveLive campaign. This is providing financial help for all the UK stage crew who are in the greatest need.

The pandemic situation has been devastating for the whole music industry but particularly for the people who are behind the stage. In this group are the stage techs, sound engineers, guitar, keyboard, and drum techs, stage managers, production managers, and others.

Mark Knopfler has donated his 2013 Fender signature Stratocaster guitar to this prize draw fundraising campaign. The iconic guitar was picked by Mark for its tone, playability and weight. This guitar was the second Stratocaster on the ‘Down The Road Whatever 2019’ tour, until it was strung with a heavier gauge string in Verona and used for ‘On Every Street.’

The interesting thing is that the guitar will be autographed and personalized for the winner who will be announced on Wednesday 23 December 2020. Also, photos will be taken during the signing. The auction is still open until 17th December 2020 at 6:00 pm.

Mark Knopfler also gave his statement on the occasion of this humanitarian campaign. He said:

“I used this Stratocaster on the song ‘On Every Street’ towards the end of a set. I’d play it through the song then Richard Bennett would join in on his Strat and we’d double the playout figure to strengthen it when the band kicked in with the soprano sax blowing over the top. Live music needs an army of dedicated people who make it happen everywhere, from pubs and clubs to arenas. They need a helping hand now. Please support Stagehand.”

For more info, please click here Win Mark Knopfler Stratocaster.

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