We are back on the blog again!

We are back on the blog again!

Mark Knopfler

This post is for all fans and followers of Dire Straits Blog on Facebook and Instagram. With this post the team from the Dire Straits blog wants to inform you that is back on work again. After few long months without posting anything on the website of the blog, from today the team is starting again with writing and uploading the blog with news about Dire Straits and their ex-band-members.

Also, if you are one of those musicians who make music in your ‘’home studio’’ and you have a connection with Dire Straits or maybe your style of playing or singing is like Dire Straits, feel free to share that with us and send us e-mail, we can contact you and we can make maybe a good post for the blog and for your fans.

Enjoy the day, from team of Dire Straits blog!

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