Watch Now: Dave Grohl Perform Cover of “Money for Nothing”

Watch Now: Dave Grohl Perform Cover of “Money for Nothing”

dave-grohl-perform-money-for-nothing-dire-straits-video-news-fans-guitar-stories-blogWatch Now: Dave Grohl Perform Cover of “Money for Nothing”

When the Covid-19 pandemic situation hit the world, the 40-year-old Pat Finnerty from Scranton, Pennsylvania, had not much to do. Namely, he was out of his job as a working musician, and most of his time he spent in his room.

To help cure his boredom, Finnerty started daily live-streaming on his Instagram profile. For the first two months of quarantine, he challenged himself to see if he could learn every part of various classic rock songs in under an hour. Pat dubbed this live stream “The Pat Finnerty Show”.

Pat Finnerty was also known as a host of socially distanced concerts for quarantined neighbors on his roof. He made few live concerts, including one on the rooftop of popular Philly club Johnny Brenda’s, nights before the pandemic.

During the days when he was in quarantine, Pat had an idea for his live stream show. He wanted to record Dire Straits’ “Money for Nothing” song, and get none other than Dave Grohl to sing Sting’s iconic line, “I want my MTV.”

So, after that idea, Finnerty hosted a nine-hour “Grohl-A-Thon” show on Instagram Live in an attempt to get the Foo Fighters frontman to sing along to Dire Straits song.

The idea came true after Finnerty received a video call request from actor Andrew Sikking. Namely, Andrew was attending a dinner party at Grohl’s house that night.

Dave Grohl surprised his own super fan Pat Finnerty by joining on his live streaming on Instagram for nearly 20-minutes. Grohl played drums along to the tune and sing the “I want my MTV” line from the track.

The Nirvana and Foo Fighters rocker then chatted with Finnerty, sharing a few great rock and roll tales from his storied career.

You can click HERE if you want to check Pat’s Instagram Profile. Watch the Full Instagram Live video below and enjoy!

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