Vote for Dire Straits

Vote for Dire Straits


Every day you have the opportunity and chance to vote for Dire Straits and 4 other artists or bands. But if you to vote just for Dire Straits you can vote only for them.

In this moment Dire Straits are on the third place on the list, just 1,131 votes below Moody Blues. In the first place are Bon Jovi who have already secured their place with 117,381 votes.

For those who do not know, the vote will be until December 5, 2017, and the event is scheduled for April 4, 2018, in Cleveland, Ohio. Only five bands or artists from the top positions will have the opportunity to enter into Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2018. Below is the link where you can vote for Dire Straits!

You can vote by clicking here: Vote for Dire Straits

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