Tommy Stewart’s tribute to dad, David – “Cowboy Song”

Tommy Stewart’s tribute to dad, David – “Cowboy Song”

tommy-stewart-cowboys-song-dire-straits-blogTommy Stewart’s tribute to dad, David – “Cowboy Song”

In April 2020, the British Grove Studios alongside Mark Knopfler have lost its leader, dear friend, and studio manager David Stewart. Back then, Mark Knopfler shared a statement which he said:

“I am very sad to announce the loss of our dear friend David Stewart, our studio Manager. David will be sorely missed, not only by everyone at British Grove but also by everybody who knew him. Our hearts go out to our beloved Robyn and their two sons Jake and Tommy.”

Eight months later, in December 2020, his 16-years-old son Tommy Stewart, who is an absolute talent and a great guitarist, singer, and songwriter, released his first-ever single to celebrate his late father’s memory. Mark Knopfler accepted that very smoothly and nicely to share with all his fans. Also, another interesting fact is that Tommy had a performance at one of the concerts on Knopfler’s 2019 tour.

Tommy’s first-ever single called ‘Cowboy Song’ is available on YouTube and you can listen to it down below. Having won the ‘Best Demo of the Year’ competition in 2019, Tommy performed on the Acoustic Stage at Glastonbury festival, and at the opening ceremony of ‘One Young World’ at the Royal Albert Hall, his Dad by his side all the way.

Tommy with the help of his brother Jake and his Dad’s colleagues recorded the Thin Lizzy song at the award-winning British Grove Studios in Chiswick, which his father David Stewart set up in the early 2000s for Mark Knopfler. In February 2009, it was the winner of the Music Producers Guild Award for ‘Best Studio’.

Tommy says:

“One of my earliest memories is of Dad sitting me down and playing me Thin Lizzy, whom he’d worked with in the early 80’s. We then used to play ‘Cowboy Song’ together all the time, on the sofa or at family celebrations. It sort of became the song that defined his passing; I’ve always associated it with Dad, but it’s nice now that everybody else does too.”

“When we got the dreaded news that Dad wouldn’t make it, alongside the knowledge that we wouldn’t be able to see him, my brother had the idea to get the nurses to play music to him, needless to say, only one song came to my mind (Cowboy Song).”



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