The Stories and Comments from the Fans of Dire Straits – Part 6

The Stories and Comments from the Fans of Dire Straits – Part 6

The Stories and Comments from the Fans of Dire Straits – Part 2On Every Street

Dire Straits continues to surprise its fans. This is especially true because all the ex-members of the band have their own solo careers and they still have a desire to create masterpieces.

Today, we’ll share a few interesting comments and stories from our fans and followers on Facebook and Instagram. We could say that the fans of Dire Straits always have emotional stories, and their comments are always interesting for reading. So let’s start.

Real Girl” is a rare Dire Straits song and many fans when will hear this song for the first time they’re surprised. Bob Dye commented: “Wow! Forty years of loving Dire Straits and never heard this song. What a rare treat.”

Also, William Templeton wrote an interesting comment for the same song. He comments: “You can hear the J.J. Cale influence in this song.”

Find out more about “Real Girl” – CLICK HERE!

Bruno Silva Fernandes has an interesting comment about his first bought record. He commented: “Dire Straits were the first band I bought a record. I was only eight years old.”

For the song “Expresso Love”, Joseph Vincenza was honest and emotional. He wrote that the song is on his playlist from 1984 until today. Joseph will give everything to see Dire Straits together again. Here is his comment: “This version has been making me happy since it came out in 1984. It’s still on my playlist. Would have given anything to see them back, but at least we have the awesome recordings.”

John Payne has remembered how “Southbound Again” and other Dire Straits songs have influenced his life as a child. It’s always nice to read or hear how these classic songs have a deep role in someone’s life. Read his comment below.

“I remember that I’ve been introduced to this track and album when I was 12-years-old. I used to listen on a tape in a car. It still plays a big part in my life 40 years on and I have performed ‘Water of Love’ and ‘Six Blade Knife’ but with a more blues approach and a smokey atmosphere. It’s been such a massive influence.”

Six Blade Knife” is just another classic by Dire Straits. Abhishek Jha wrote a very good comment for the connection that has with this song.

“Exceptionally written and a great song. The crackling of the guitar at frequent intervals makes the overall song haunting and permanently etched in your mind. I play this song every time I walk into an electronic store to test a music system. And all I can see is a sudden interest in everyone inside the store to figure out the song.”

For Vilnei André Bottari the song “In The Gallery” is one of his favorites. From there, everything started for him and still continues. He wrote: “For me, it all started in 1978. There go 43-years of music with quality and responsibility. Long live Mark Knopfler!”


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