The Habits of Mark Knopfler – A 20-Minutes Guitar Lesson

The Habits of Mark Knopfler – A 20-Minutes Guitar Lesson


Mark Knopfler is an extremely master of playing guitar, a musician who makes music, not the noise. Guitarist which you can listen to him for hours and hours without stopping or getting bored, plus he has one of the most unique styles in the Rock N’ Roll music at all.

He has his great control over his sound and music that he’s performing and he is modest sensible with his playing. His style is more quality-over-quantity. For sure, we can write and describe him as one of the trues musicians in the music world today.

The Habits of Mark Knopfler is a full 20-minutes-video lesson by the Music is Win YouTube Channel from Nashville, the USA. Tayler Larson, it would be your teacher and educator in today’s video lesson down below. Namely, he explained the way of playing guitar like Mark Knopfler and showed you how you can apply Mark’s technique on your guitar so you can use it to find your own licks.

With the superb touch and an uncanny sense of serving the song, Knopfler’s uniquely sparse and pointed finger-style is an extremely interesting approach to the guitar. Through a couple of songs by Dire Straits and Mark Knopfler, Tayler will show you some tricks and simple things about how to improve your skills.

If you’re a musician or a guitar player who wants to improve the skills and techniques, try to watch the video below and maybe you can find out something more and learn something new from the video. Enjoy!

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