Ten questions and answers with John Illsley

Ten questions and answers with John Illsley

John Illsley

Here is ten short questions and answers with John. At the end you will see his favorite things that maybe you didn’t know. Enjoy

Ten questions with John Illsley

1. Herbal tea or stiff drink?
– Green tea first thing, espresso at lunch and a very strong vodka tonic at night.

2. Who do you most admire?
– The man who saved my life, Professor John Gribben.

3. Proudest moment?
– My children. I haven’t got one proud moment, I have four.

4. In another life?
– I’d be a pretty good politician.

5. For what would you most like to be remembered?
– Being a good father.

6. How do you relax?
– Painting pictures and making music.

7. What irritates you most?
– Politicians.

8. Your favorite subject at school?
– Art. If you played the guitar back then you were an outcast.

9. Your most embarrassing moment?
– The stage roof collapsed during a gig in Germany drenching me with water.

10. Last supper?
– A meal at the Ivy.


– My Gibson J-50 guitar.

– The Rembrandt room at the National Gallery.

– The view from our bedroom in the New Forest.

– Japanese food.

– Good red wine.

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