Ten questions and answers with Guy Fletcher

Ten questions and answers with Guy Fletcher

Ten questions and answers with Guy Fletcher

Being in the company of someone who’s played with, directed and produced with legends like Tina Turner, Dire Straits and Mick Jagger provides more than a few reasons to have a chat.

Initially landing a role as a tea boy and runner, Guy Fletcher’s passion for music and technology evolved from his bedroom studio as a teenager, to playing with several well-known bands in his teens, to joining Dire Straits at the age of 21 as their keyboard player for the landmark album ‘Brothers in Arms’.

Guy continued with Dire Straits, co-producing their final album ‘On Every Street’ and has subsequently worked with Mark Knopfler on his musically acclaimed solo albums.


Which British band is your biggest inspiration?
Like so many kids of the 60’s it has to be the Beatles. I was however most intrigued by George Martin’s productions.

Which current artists do you admire the most?
I am inspired by a lot of the more recent Indy bands such as Tame Impala, The Decemberists, Vetiver, The War on Drugs, Beach House. The list could be long as there’s so much great stuff out there.

You’ve been working with Mark Knofler since 1983. What impact has he had on you?
You could say I’ve learned a helluva lot, certainly in terms of composition and arranging. Also musical history, delving into music’s past is often more relevant than you might think.

What lessons has 30 years in the music industry taught you?
Never assume you know it all. There is always more to discover especially when working with other artists and musicians.

You come from a musical family. At what age did you realise you wanted to become a musician?
I wanted to be involved in music as long ago as I can remember, once I got over the motor racing bug at the age of 4 (Scalextric).

If there was one song you’d like to re-record, which one will it be?
You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling by the Righteous Brothers

What was the first song you composed?
That’s a tough one. I used to write lots of instrumental music when I was younger and when the songs came along they were nearly always unfinished…in some ways, I feel they still are!

What speakers do you have at home?
SPACED360 in the kitchen, ATC SCM25’s in my studio and Orbitsound BAR A70 in the lounge.

Why an Orbitsound speaker?
Because my TV sounds a whole lot better with airSOUND technology!

You’ve got a new album on the horizon, tell us a bit about it?
Well, it’s my third, and this one took a while. Not because I was slow (which I was) but because the past few years have been so busy touring and recording with Mark Knopfler. I actually started writing for it in 2011, it’s gratifying to actually have it out there now. I also did the entire artwork design myself, that was a lot of fun.

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