“Sultans of Swing” – Short-Solo by the French Guitarist Stephane

“Sultans of Swing” – Short-Solo by the French Guitarist Stephane

“Sultans of Swing” – Short-Solo by the French Guitarist Stephane“Sultans of Swing” – Short-Solo by the French Guitarist Stephane

Today, we want to share a short-solo version from the song “Sultans of Swing,” in performance by Stephane.

Namely, Stephane is a 47-years-old French guitarist. He is originally from the North of France, but today he is living in one of the suburbs of Paris. This is his first time on Dire Straits Blog, so he shared with us interesting information about himself and his life.

Stephane who is also known as Stef Tuche has started with playing on guitar when he was only 15-years-old. Back at the time, he has also taken lessons and did some music studies.

“What I’m doing now is giving guitar lessons for living. I do small concerts too in bars around Paris. I love sports, especially mountain biking and I have fun with my children. I love all kinds of music. Queen, Deep Purple, Elton John, and Dire Straits are my favorites,” he said.

“I heard Dire Straits for the first time on the radio, the song was “Money for Nothing.” When I heard that, I knew I wanted to play the guitar. The intro from the song “Sultans of Swing” was the first song that I tried to play.”

His favorite classics by Dire Straits are “Brothers in Arms,” “Private Investigations,” “Your Latest Trick,” and “Telegraph Road.”

We asked him to choose one song from Dire Straits, but he said: “That’s difficult. “Brothers in Arms” is a magnificent and “Sultans of Swing” has an extraordinary guitar.”

What is your motto in life and what’s motivates you to continue with good vibes and positive energy in life?

“Just live in the present moment. I’m not a materialist, I love being with the people I love and playing the guitar. I want to tell all the fans of Dire Straits that I love the same music as them. Mark Knopfler has changed my life because thanks to him I spent a lot of time playing the guitar.”

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