Short and rare video interview with Dire Straits from Cologne, Germany (1979)

Short and rare video interview with Dire Straits from Cologne, Germany (1979)


We have one interesting and short interview from 16 February 1979 –Mark and David Knopfler, together with Pick and John had their interview in Cologne, Germany.

This is interview is from Rockpalast concert that Dire Straits had in February 16, 1979. In one moment of the interview Alan Bangs ask Mark Knopfler:

“Did you want to play for 60,000 people?”

And Mark on that said: “No I didn’t either. I mean, I wouldn’t like even to play every night for 60,000 people.”

However, this interview was long time ago, in the beginning of the Dire Straits era, and Mark very clearly said that they had “limit” for their careers and for the band. If we see on one side Mark Knopfler wanted just a club band and on the other side was David Knopfler who wanted to make worldwide band from Dire Straits. They had different goals for the band, and because of that more or less David left the band, before band had their massive worldwide success in the early 80s.

Six years after this interview, Dire Straits have it their concert for Live Aid in 1985 in front of 72,000 people and more than millions people who watched the concert live on their small TV monitors at home. After this we can say that change happened very fast.

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