Roger Chabot Story: “The Song ‘Brothers in Arms’ Always Meant a Lot for Me”

Roger Chabot Story: “The Song ‘Brothers in Arms’ Always Meant a Lot for Me”

Roger Chabot Story: “The Song 'Brothers in Arms' Always Meant a Lot for Me”Roger Chabot Story: “The Song 'Brothers in Arms' Always Meant a Lot for Me”

Roger Chabot is a Canadian Army Veteran who has served 31-years as an Infantry soldier and paratrooper. Since his retirement in August of 2016, Roger has started a new career as a War Artist.

In 2019 he started an extensive historical project to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of D-Day. As a part of the project, Roger has produced the 17th video series covering his historical research process. The series included the evolution of two new paintings depicting the Canadian soldiers and Paratroopers who fought at D-Day.

For the trip to France, Roger was sponsored by contributions of the Canadian Airborne Veterans Community. The video series is posted on YouTube for free and you can watch it down below in this post.

Few words from Roger Chabot about his project

“For the historical research, I went to France. I was there from 15th to 22nd September 2019 to film the first episode of the “Brothers in Arms” video series. During the video series, the viewers followed me as I discovered the battlegrounds where the Canadian Paratroopers and soldiers have fought so bravely. Subsequently, they witnessed the evolution of my two paintings from their conception until the official unveiling, on June 6, 2019.”

“Throughout my career as an Infantry soldier and paratrooper, the song “Brothers in Arms” always meant a lot for me. I have lost a number of “Brothers” through the years while serving my country at home and abroad. The video series was focused on those young brave Canadians who went on to England and then landed by parachutes, gliders, and ships on the beaches of Normandy on June 6th, 1944. Many of them have never returned home,” he added.

As a war artist painter and producer of the video series “Brothers in Arms”, Roger’s mission is to be a “Guardian of the Memory” (Custos Memoria).

Click HERE and visit Roger’s artwork boutique including all his published works in very limited editions on canvas, textured fine art paper, and lithographs.

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