The Ragpicker’s Dream: Documentary Video from Mark Knopfler

The Ragpicker’s Dream: Documentary Video from Mark Knopfler

Mark Knopfler - The Ragpicker’s Dream: Documentary Video/

The Ragpicker’s Dream is the third solo studio album from Mark Knopfler. Released in 2002 on 30 September by Mercury Records internationally, and by Warner Bros.

This album was recorded in the United States and had generally favorable reviews upon its release. The album is a collection of 12 songs and plus 5 bonus songs, written from the point of one poor but dignified itinerant man who was struggling to get in life and enjoying in small triumphs.

Mark gives a little folk style to the whole album on the acoustic guitar. The first song is one of the best known songs from Mark and is “Why Aye Man”.

The album contains other songs like “Marbletown”, “Daddy’s Gone to Knoxville” and on the bonus disc are “Sailing to Philadelphia” and “Brothers In Arms”.

Artwork for the album cover is a black and white picture of one man and a woman dancing in the kitchen. The picture was taken by Elliott Erwitt and is titled “Spain, Valencia, 1952, Robert and Mary Frank”. That photo was used as the book cover for two novels “The Marriage Artist” by Andrew Winer (2010) and “Anciet Light” by John Banville (2012).

The Ragpicker’s Dream – Album cover.

The Ragpicker’s Dream album had good critical reception and reviews from the public. AllMusic gave the album three out five stars and calling the album – unassuming album with classy charm perfect for a rainy Sunday mornings, same like The Notting Hillbillies project from Mark Knopfler and his friends.

Down you can check the 16 minutes documentary video from Mark Knopfler, where gives us a behind the scenes glance into the songwriting process and explains the background of songs on the album.

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