Part 4 from “A Life in Songs” with Mark Knopfler (Video)

Part 4 from “A Life in Songs” with Mark Knopfler (Video)

Mark Knopfler

Once again Mark Knopfler is back in the fourth part of his documentary video “A Life in Songs”.

This time Mark talks about the period of his career while he was with The Notting Hillbillies. His return with Dire Straits on stage in 1991 with the final studio album “On Every Street” and his many collaborations with famous musicians such as country music legend Emmylou Harris.

In this part of the documentary, Mark also talks about his inspiration for one of his songs “If This Is Goodbye”. How he was inspired by reading the news from one newspaper about the events of 11th September. The song is very emotional for Knopfler and for Emmylou Harris.

Mark also talks about how wonderful is to be a writer of songs and how much he loves that experience. At the same time, he said that that is a process and circle of enjoyment.

He also talks about how much he loves the live events, gigs, and studio recordings!

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