New Knopfler video “Kill To Get Crimson: A Documentary”

New Knopfler video “Kill To Get Crimson: A Documentary”


Today we have interesting brand new video from Mark Knopfler’s official YouTube channel about “Kill To Get Crimson” album.

This short 18-minutes documentary video is about fifth solo album of Mark Knopfler which is released in 17 September 2007.

In this short film Mark, Chuck, Guy Fletcher, Glen, Danny and all the band give the back-story behind the writing and recording of Mark’s fifth solo album. This album entered the Billboard charts at number 26 and peeked at number 9 in the UK, and went to top 5 in many other European countries.

The album was recorded at British Grove Studios, typical collection of lyrical short stories with bearing the typical Knopfler hallmark of musicianship and collaboration.

The album’s title comes from a line in the song “Let It All Go”. The album cover image is taken from the painting Four Lambrettas and Three Portraits of Janet Churchman by John Bratby, painted in 1958. Mark Knopfler in this video say:

“The album is called Kill To Get Crimson and it is line from one of the songs. The scenario and the song really is a painter an artist who says ‘I’ve killed to get crimson on this palette life’. For the album cover of chosen picture that it was painted in 1958 by somebody who would sub see things from that point of view and who was as current then as Damien Hirst is now”.

Glenn Worf say: “Each record we’ve done with Mark has a slightly different sound but this one will be I think dramatically different from any of the stateside studios that we work in”.

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