New album from Legacy – A band from few ex members of Dire Straits

New album from Legacy – A band from few ex members of Dire Straits


Legacy is new band founded by Alan Clark and seven other great musicians. The Legacy project began in Los Angeles last November 2016 with Steve Ferrone and Pino Palladino at Steve’s studio and continued in Rome, Italy at Forward Studios where the band completed the entire album, which they released yesterday on 24 November 2017.

Four of the guys in the band – Alan Clark, Danny Cummings, Mel Collins and Phil Palmer were members of one of the biggest bands in the world Dire Straits.

Alan, Phil and Steve who together produced this record, met and became great friends when they were members of Eric Clapton’s band. These superb musicians have worked with many other iconic artists and bands – Steve Ferrone is ‪Tom Petty and the Heartbreaker’s drummer, Mel Collins is an original member of ‪King Crimson and their work, spanning more than three decades of music, has cemented their reputations in rock history.

Their enduring friendship has, once again, brought them together and along with Marco Caviglia, Primiano Di Biase, Trevor Horn (Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Tom Jones, Paul McCartney, Pet Shop Boys, Rod Stewart and Tina Turner) and ‪Pino Palladino, they’re making a brand new album.

Now they’re ready to share it with all, the first single of their album “3 Chord Trick” is Jesus Street and you can listen it below.

The new album was released this Friday, November 24th at the Milan Music Week at the Billboard Italia inauguration night.

Phil Palmer said: “It was a natural process, it is the same method we have always worked with Pino Palladino and Steve Ferrone and all the others. There is a chemistry that can’t be thrown away as it happens rarely.”

“We’ve just finished making and producing with Phil Palmer, the Legacy album. It was 90% fun, and 10% hard work. This is completely new, original project and if there is any resemblance to Dire Straits, it reflects the influence that I and Phil, Danny, Mel and Steve had on that band.” (Alan Clark)

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